Piotr Stós

Position: owner of the company & UW photographer

Diving certification: scuba diving instructor SSI, PADI and CMAS

Period of stay: (almost) whole season


Where am I from: Cracow, Poland

When did I start diving: it was in 1987, when I became a CMAS 1* diver after a training in the Polish lake – Siecino.

When did I start to work with Nautica: from the very beginning – 1997.

Where did I dive: in the Maldives, the Caribbean, Mauritius, Galapagos, Indonesia, Micronesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Spain, Italy and Croatia.

Anna Gdowska

Position: diving center manager

Diving certification: Divemaster PADI

Period of stay: whole season


Where am I from: originally from Poznan, spent over 10 years in the north of Poland, lastly moved to Denmark…

When did I start diving: my dad wanted to start diving, but even more didn’t want to attend the classes alone. That’s how I became a LOK (kind of CMAS)  Junior Diver. And, OMG, it was 20 years ago!

When did I start to work with Nautica: I finished my PADI Divemaster training in 2005 and became an intern in Nautica Hvar Dive Center.

Where did I dive: first at the pool, then at the Polish lakes. In Croatia I dove around the islands of Pag, Hvar and Vis. And since I know that I do not enter water that is less than 16 degrees, I have dived in Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and the Galapagos.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: Nova Pošta (Vis island) and Glavna (Hvar island) – I love overhanging rocks with fluorescent yellow sponges. And Greben with millions of fishes. And Gaće with spectacular light in one of the caverns. And all the shallows with octopuses 🙂

Piotr Jasiński

Bart Romanow

Position: instructor

Diving certification: Instructor (PADI-OWSI)

Period of stay: July 7th – end of August


Where am I from: Poznań, Poland

When did I start diving: long, long time ago, (about 20 years have passed) during holidays in Egypt – fundive on a random reef.

When did I start to work with Nautica: this is my first time 🙂 with Nautica.

Where did I dive: Cyprus – Ajia Napa and  Bali (Indonesia). Apart from this for fun this was Croatia, up north; tons of Egypt; our Baltic Sea; Portugal (south from Lisbon); Madeira.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: I have not seen all of these places yet, so let this be a secret for a while.

Franek Przeradzki

Piotr "Kudeł" Kudełko

Position: dive guide

Diving certification: DM PADI , DM HSA

Period of stay:

24.04-26.06 – Vis
27.06-07.09 – Hvar
8.09 – till the end – Vis

Where am I from: Zabierzów, a small village near Cracow.

When did I start diving: my father was throwing me into the water on his diving camps when I was a little kid and somehow I survived. First “legal” intro was in Egypt when I was 9 yr.

When did I start to work with Nautica: in 2014.

Where did I dive: Croatia, Egypt , Malta, Greece, Mexico, Poland.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: Hammock. But being serious, on Vis it will be B-24. American bomber from WWII. Front of the plane lays at 40 m. Tail part is at 50-53 m. The plane is very well-preserved and sometimes you may spot “king-pins” under the wings. Every time I go back to the ascent line I cry inside.

When it comes to Hvar island it would definitely be Travna – underwater mountain with plateau at 12 m, it goes to 50 m. All covered with corals, sponges and yellow gorgonias. The kingdom of macro life (snails,crabs etc.). If you are lucky, you may spot huge scorpion fish, congers, groupers or even rays and sea horses.

Bartosz Słaboń

Position: dive guide

Diving certification: Divemaster SSI

Period of stay: from the middle of June to the end of September


Where am I from: local patriotism makes me answer, that I’m from Modlnica near Kraków

When did I start diving: after years of watching my dad dive and finally crossing the boundary of being 10 years old, I attended introductory course in some random diving center in one of touristic destinations. No matter not respecting any safety standards or the rules of common sense by the diving center, not only I survived, but I’m fine and diving became my passion.

When did I start to work with Nautica: year 2018 was the beginning of my adventure with internship and work in diving center.

Where did I dive: Sharm, Marsa, Malta, Cyprus, dive sites in Poland (such as Koparki, Zakrzówek, Płotki in Piła)… but it is Middle Adriatic, especially Vis and Hvar, that I love truly platonically; majority of my dives where commenced in waters surrounding those two islands.

Beloved dive site in Croatia: not that far west from the Pakleni otoci islands there is a rock spire sticking out of seabed, that raises depth of 13 metres below the surface. It is one of the best nature diving sites, that I’ve ever visited – forests of Violet gorgonias, huge moray eels, crabs, nereidas, nudibranch snails, shoals of minor fish attracted by plankton carried by strong currents… Everyone shall visit Campanella and embrace it’s beauty.

Ola Majchrzak

Olek Kiryłow

Rysiek Kląskała

Maciej Basiura

Bartek Cempla

Magda Przyłucka

Krzysztof Leszkiewicz