About us

The idea of opening a diving center in Croatia came to us during one of our holiday trips in July 1997. Overcoming hundreds of kilometers of the Croatian coast, we looked for the best place for conducting courses and a place which is as well suitable for diving enthusiasts, looking for unusual landscapes and deep diving challenges under the water. We were looking for a convenient location for groups and a friendly environment for families with children. We wanted to combine many threads: rock cliffs, stone towns, vineyards, local restaurants – all the smells and flavors of Croatia we knew.

We were looking for a place being a quintessence of our Croatia. And we found it on the islands. The first diving center belonging to Nautica opened in 1998. After a few years we settled on the island of Hvar, and in 2015 we chose the island of Vis as our second diving center location. From the beginning of May to at least mid-October, we conduct training on all levels of diving knowledge and invite you to scuba diving, presenting the beauty of underwater Dalmatia. We visit shipwrecks, underwater walls and caves, and we photograph the inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea.


We believe that buddy behavior, care for safety and care for the marine environment are the basis for successful diving, which is why we develop these values during the lectures and the slideshows. The fun does not end on diving – trips around the island, going outs to local pubs and ceremonial endings of your stays with the evening dances create a magical atmosphere of the center you want to come back to…

Our motto is: Come as a Guest – leave as a Friend.