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Šetalište Apolonija Zanelle 5, 21480 Vis, Croatia

Nautica Vis Diving Center

Tec and Wreck Diving

Vis island is a worldwide known paradise for technical divers. No matter if you are experienced technical diver or you just want to start a new adventure and try diving with a twinset on your back, you are in the right place. There are plenty of programmes which can be realized, from intro to tech diving to full trimix course. CCR training is also available.

All technical diving and CCR courses must be booked in advance. More information will be provided on request.

TEC & CCR packages

Besides the recreational diving packages, there are some special offers for qualified technical and CCR divers. Knowing that needs of technical and CCR divers exceed needs of recreational divers, we offer:

  • prolonged dive times,
  • additional surface support,
  • especially during entering and exiting the water,
  • dedicated equipment rental,
  • gas mixing,
  • additional storage rooms,
  • charging areas,
  • lower number of divers of the boats.

More information about the packages and prices can be found here.

Wreck diving

Vis island is famous for its wrecks. Around the island there are several wrecks regularly visited by the divers. Some of them are available for the recreational divers, while some, due to the depths, demand technical diving skills. Nautica Vis Diving Center organises wreck diving every day, if the weather conditions let the boats go safely to the particular diving sites. There are seven regularly visited wrecks, among which 2 are available for technical divers only. Usually during one week holidays, the divers do 10 dives in 5 days, what averagely means one wreck and one another dive per day.

The list of 7 wrecks consists of 5 shipwrecks and 2 airplanes. The airplanes are a heavy bomber B-24 Liberator and a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, both from the World War II. The B-17 is available for technical divers only, while part of the B-24 can be explored by the recreational divers as well. Among the shipwrecks, there is one tugboat from World War II – Ursus – another wreck available for technical divers only. All the rest sank due to different reasons, but were not the victims of military issues. The youngest wreck is a fishing boat called Fortunal, while the three cargo ships: Vassilios, Teti and Brioni sank in the beginning of XX century. What’s more, almost every year there is a new wreck dive site found by the local divers, making the offer more and more interesting.

Read more about particular wrecks.