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Šetalište Apolonija Zanelle 5, 21480 Vis, Croatia

Dive Sites

B-17 Flying Fortress

dive site type: wreck, TMX divers only
difficulty: very hard
depth range: 68-72 m
distance from the diving centre: 8 MM from the port of Vis

The wreckage of the B-17 bomber next to the island of Vis is the most famous technical diving site in the entire Adriatic. One of the most interesting technical dives in the world is on the list of the top 100 dive world dive sites. It is also the best preserved wreck of this plane in the world. While falling down, we can see the plane resting at a depth of 68m-72m already from the level of 30 meters. It is a unique experience, one of a kind. A wingspan of over 30 meters and a fuselage over 20 meters show the bomber in all its glory. No damage is actually visible from above, only from the bottom we can see that both the cabin and the gun positions have been damaged. The remains of the M-2 Browning 12.7 mm heavy rifle mount are still visible in the hull side gate. Four powerful engines with propellers and a pilot’s cabin are places worth visiting. The deepest place is under the tail of the fortress. The bottom time should be planned for a minimum of 15 minutes. At the end of the bottom phase, we can go north-west to decompress by going up against the wall.