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Šetalište Apolonija Zanelle 5, 21480 Vis, Croatia

Dive Sites


dive site type: nature
difficulty: medium
distance from the diving centre: 4 NM from Vis harbour

On the northwestern edge of Vis, a few hundred meters south of the lighthouse on the Stončica peninsula, a small island – Pločica, rises a few meters above the sea. On the north side of the spot there is a buoy where a dive boat usually moors. This is where we often find strong or moderate currents. Pločica hides a varied and rich life under the water. The diving depth is adjusted to the group’s abilities, each depth range hides different attractions. The north face drops sharply from about 20 meters to the sandy bottom at 50-55 meters. It is on this location where you can find the most beautiful Yellow Gorgon Garden in the waters around Vis. The fan-like corals can be found already at 20-25 meters, the biggest accumulation of them is in the range of 30-40 meters.

The corners of the gorgonian garden have become home to spectacular moray eels and crawfish. It is worth having a look at the open water once in a while – this is where you can meet John Dory (or Peter’s fish). The shallow part of the dive site is also interesting. From about 16 meters to the surface of the northern side of the island, there are many interesting rock formations. There are, among others, grottoes and cavities in rocks covered with sponges in fanciful colors and rock hangings with fish gathering underneath. It is in the shallow waters of Ploćica where you can meet various species of nudibranchs and octopuses. During the dive, divers are always accompanied by shoals of Amarela and Chromis.