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Šetalište Apolonija Zanelle 5, 21480 Vis, Croatia

Dive Sites

Punta od Covika

On the northernmost peninsula of the island of Vis – Nova Pošta – there are several characteristic headlands. Among them, Punta od covika deserves attention.

Diving at Punta od covika is most often performed when there are strong winds from eastern directions. The small distance from the port of Vis and being shelted from the wind means that interesting plans can be safely realized here. This site is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers, but exploring the headland itself requires diving license to a depth of at least 40 m. It is at this depth on the western side of the headland that the dense forest of red gorgonians begins.

It is here that you can see rare dog shark eggs, large scorpion fish, hunting moray eels, numerous spiny lobsters and the deep-sea fish. In the vicinity of the headland, however, you should pay special attention to sea currents – the combination of depth and distance from the island makes the control of sticking to the assumed diving plan especially important here.

After seeing the headland, divers swim along the west coast. At a depth of about 35 m you can see huge anchors. The dive continues along the slope, the characteristic shape of which defines the dive profile. The terraced slope consists of several huge rock ledges. On these shelves you can find nudibranchs and octopuses. The vertical sections of the slope, in the form of walls of various sizes, are inhabited by moray eels, crayfish and crawfish. Diving here is always a drift dive and ends in a quiet, vast bay, sheltered from waves.