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Šetalište Apolonija Zanelle 5, 21480 Vis, Croatia

Dive Sites

Žali Potok / Šekoda

Not far west of the Punta Covika headland, there are two dive sites with a steeply sloping cliff. Both are located on the same stretch of the underwater rock, but offer different attractions. A shallower variant, up to 20-25 meters, is called Žali Potok.

The dive is done with your right hand against the wall. The name of the place comes from the remnants of the stream that used to flow there, visible on the surface.

When exploring the vertical wall, divers will first see one overhang, penetrating a few meters into the wall, and then another, larger, with a ceiling at 20-22 meters and a bottom dropping to about 30 meters. The most beautiful places in both rock formations are the ceilings covered with sponges and corals. This is also where scorpion fish, crawfish and crayfish have their habitats. Near the second overhang, the wall turns into a slope, topped with a small cave at 16 meters. Further, after 7-10 minutes of swimming, a cavern with red corals resembling a large fissure awaits the divers. Its bottom is at 8 meters. Underwater you can come across several missiles and… a hand grenade. These are the remains of a military outpost that was once located on the shore near this place. The dive ends over the shallow part of the slope.

Šekoda is the second variant of this dive. It starts in a shallow cavern. After visiting it, you should sail into the open sea along the border of the underwater wall and at 35-40 meters turn left and swim along the wall. Above the base of the wall, which goes down to 43-45 meters, there is a long, horizontal cave covered with yellow sponges. The impression made by such large colonies of these organisms is intensified by the twilight prevailing on this northern wall and a few lost lobster cages hanging from the walls. They are often used by large scorpions. When visiting the deep part of Šekoda, you have to carefully monitor no-decompression time – this place is captivating. After visiting the deepest point of the dive, it’s time to get shallow and swim with your left hand to the wall. Divers will then find the suspensions described in the first variant. The dive ends with a safety stop at a vertical wall full of fish.